Mª Helena Rodríguez: “A person who does not read, does not know and does not how communicate things”

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By: Belén Mundet, Sedes Parcerisas, Irene Enrich and Mariona Martínez

María Helena Rodríguez is a teacher and tutor of primary in the school Airina of Terrassa since the late 90s, and we think that we could interview her.

Why did you become a teacher?

I really don’t know, it was a profession that I liked because of the with people.

How do you solve or try to solve problems between students?

I really like it when they talk, the more they are able to say what they think, the better, but try to get them to say how.

What role do you have at school?

I am a teacher and tutor of primary.

How many years have you been working at Airina?

More or less 32 years.

Do you think you are a good teacher?

I cannot say that, I try to be a good person first of all.

Do you think that there is any change in knowledge in course changes?

Yes, it does not have to do with the maturity of a girl from 3rd to 6th.

Why do you think reading is so important?

Because a person who does not read does not know, does not how communicate things, does not broaden his mind, does not work on a part of the brain that is the imagination, does not create a hobby that is free and you It helps to disconnect. Reading is a part of life for me.

Do you use any strategy to teach your students?

Especially none and all the ones that I can. I especially like that they ask me.

What has been the most difficult topic to teach in your subject?

None in particular, the most difficult thing is to teach through the meet in confinement.

Why do you like Airina?

Because of how familiar it is, you do not spend time communicating and following up with the students and parents.

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