‘Sant Jordi’ in pandemic times

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By: Belén Mundet, Mariona Martinez, Irene Enrich and Sedes Parcerisas.

Saint George, the famous festival in which a knight saves the princess by killing a dragon with his spear. Also in which the man gives the woman a rose and the woman a book to the man. Now, we will tell you what we think about the measures that will be taken.

This Saint George has been different from the others year due to the pandemic of coronavirus. Now, we add the social distance and the masks. On the streets, we have to maintain the social distance but the book street markets, will be there.

This Saint George is going to be different because we are in a pandemic but this is not an excuse to stop celebrating Saint George. It is important that people don’t descontrolate because Covid is here. And now we have to be more safe than other years.

The measures are fine, but we can make it better than the safety distance, and they are under a lot of pressure to get better grades to surprise their parents, but we are all trying to use the masks correctly, the children of today are bulletproof. Some people is more secure from other times.

People need to be responsable, we can’t celebrate Saint Gorge with a lot of people, we have to stay home. If you want, you can buy a book, but don’t do celebrations. Nowadays, people is lower one’s guard, they have to be cautious with the number of people that they are, and they have to wear the mask. If people is responsable, the day of Saint George will be better for us.

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