Matadepera, the Spain’s richest town

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By: Belén Mundet, Sedes Parcerisas, Mariona Martinez & Irene Enrich

Spain’s economy is the 12th largest in the world. Of all the municipalities in Spain, Matadepera is the first one. In fact, Matadepera, with 218.788 euros, leads the list of the 10 Spain’s richest municipalities.

Matadepera is a catalan municipality which is located to the north of the Vallès Occidental region. It is the richest town. That’s possible due to the fact that there are 25 or 50 millionaire families. It has 9.291 inhabitants in its 24,83 km2. And it has one of the richest persons in Spain, with 210.000 euros approximately.

As well as being smaller than those that typically lead the top 10 or so, this  is almost entirely residential, rather than commercial or industrial.

The ex Barça player Xavi Hernández is among those, whose income means the Matadepera average is a net-of-tax €166,006 a year and he gets vastly more than the local average, too. Ever since he moved to Doha, he has been on a salary of €10 million per season.

Two famous faces on Catalunya’s regional television channel, TV3, Pere Arquillué and Pere Mas, both live in Matadepera. Arquillué has starred in a string of TV series including Jet Lag, Secrets de Família, Estació d’Enllaç and La Riera. Whilst Mas is an on-screen reporter and newscaster and presents the show Preguntes Freqüents.

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By: Belén Mundet, Mariona Martinez, Irene Enrich and Sedes Parcerisas Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known