Bad Bunny and his lyrics

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By: Belén Mundet, Mariona Martinez, Irene Enrich and Sedes Parcerisas

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny, is a 26 years old Puertoriquen singer and songwriter. He writes and sings a lot of music like trap, rap, and hip-hop in Spanish. This last year he growed a lot on all the digital platforms. He has made more than 100 songs. His most famous album is “El último tour del mundo”. And is the singer that most people listen in 2020

He usually writes songs that discriminate against women. People are always attracted to his songs because of his rhythms, but his lyrics could be very sexist.

He indicates that his music is for a new generation that wants to listen to some music with sense and he identifies with those young people who want anything to have fun.

Bad Bunny repasa varias etapas de su vida en un documental de Youtube
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This are examples of songs that discriminate woman

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Video of YouTube

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